Why not.

I have the worst timing.

My interest or excitement is only ever peaked when the accomplishment of said thing I’m excited about is questionable.

Move to a new city and start over? Sure, but what about your mom’s health?

Get out there and get involved in activities? You could, but what about grad school?

Join a gym? Silly, you work late all the time, when is the gym happening?

And yet..here I am. Starting ashleyraeturner.com despite also applying for graduate school, working a demanding full time job where I write ALL DAY (which I love), looking for apartments and planning a potential move across state lines for my mother. I am committing to writing more than I do on a daily basis, to finding fresh and witty ways to talk about my true loves (or trying to at least) and putting my name behind it.

In a world where personal branding is everything I’m aware this isn’t a little undertaking. I know I have to commit, to be consistent, to care — not exactly my wheelhouse honestly. But at a certain point you have to say, why not?

I hate “intro” posts but I guess this is mine. Here we go.